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Thank you for providing me this information! i think the previous owner got t-boned on the driver side because i have manually unlock and lock the door behind the driver side. i’m already struggling with saving money due to being in college rn but hopefully i can get it fixed soon

2012 Subaru Legacy

The issue is is that I have had the truck for 5 months and these aren't the only issues it's had. I initially bought it for it to be a reliable vehicle next to the two 20+ year old SUVs, yet it's had the most issues out of all the vehicles. If it's not going to be an easy fix, I don't really see a reason to keep it, especially being a hefty bill outside of repair costs.

Edit: yes I know this is a bot, but still important info towards the truck and my frustration.

2017 Chevy Silverado

Amazing stuff. Thank you!

2008 Mazda 3

This is amazing AI. Thank you? 😂

2021 Chevy Colorado Z71

Thank you so much for good answer. Really appreciate it🙏

2004 BMW 520i
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